Chip tuning tractor can be your tractor
optimize by means of chip tuning
via software. This is tractor tuning and Adjustments for
problems with EGR, Diesel Particulate Filter and AdBlue are also possible. We have more than 12 years of experience in the agricultural sector and therefore always have a suitable solution!

We deliver software to the end user B2C as well as B2B (slave and master tool users). We can provide the latter two with our file service in our dealer portal. 


Crawler cranes, shovels, dumpers, generators, it doesn't matter what kind of machine you have, in 99% of the cases can customize the software for you. This can be for chip tuning or ecotuning, but we also specialize in problem solutions for AdBlue, Diesel Particulate Filter and EGR.

We deliver software to the end user B2C as well as B2B (slave and master tool users). We can provide the latter two with our file service in our dealer portal. 


Chip tuning or ecotuning for trucks is also possible at The engine management is optimally adjusted so that fuel and engine are used efficientlypower. We offer solutions for AdBlue, Diesel Particulate Filter and EGR

We deliver software to the end user B2C as well as B2B (slave and master tool users). We can provide the latter two with our file service in our dealer portal. 

About us

We hereby introduce ourselves to you. We are! is part of Chip Performance. Chip Performance was founded in 2008 and specializes in the development of custom software adaptations for combustion engines. All activities that fall under the agricultural sector will fall under the subdivision of Chip Performance called by 2020. has more than 12 years of experience in the agricultural sector. In 2008 Chip Performance found several problems with different tuning boxes and modules installed on tractors, combines and forage harvesters. This often resulted in more engine power, but after a certain period of time, various technical failures or even engine damage emerged. Chip Performance started developing custom software solutions to adapt the existing motor control units. This as a better working alternative to the tuning boxes. By optimizing the software directly in the engine computer, a higher efficiency of your machine engine is created, which results in more power and / or fuel savings without technical problems or malfunctions.

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Our Services B2B supplies software to B2B such as mechanization companies, dealers, importers or other tuning companies. Thanks to our many years of technical knowledge and support, we can offer a suitable solution in 99% of the cases. We always provide our services with the right after sales and support. All our software can be tested directly on a water brake or dynamometer, so that the results are immediately clearly visible to the end user.

Custom software solutions are created manually by our engineers at This ensures you the best result. We can also carry out special requests, such as adjusting the boost function and increasing or decreasing the torque / pulling power of the machine at a desired speed. Malfunctions of AdBlue, EGR or Diesel Particulate Filters are also a thing of the past, we even have perfect solutions for that!

End User

 For the end user such as a farmer, contractor, arable farmer, earthmoving, forestry and transport company, we can provide the machine at your location with extra power or other adjustments, ranging from tuning to solving problems with the AdBlue system, DPF or EGR.

It is also possible to purchase a "My Genius" from us. With this special tool you can read the machine yourself and send the software to us via email. This ”My Genius” always contains your original software so that you can easily make the machine original yourself if you wish. We can also pre-program five different software files such as chip tuning, ecotuning, adblue adjustments, dpf adjustment, EGR adjustment or a combination of these.

Would you like to become a dealer or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone. In addition, you are always welcome by appointment in our business premises at Oud Camp 5 in Maasland so that we can personally answer your questions.

Equipment Slave & Master supports all type and brands of tools such as Dimsport New Genius & Trasdata, Alientech Kess & Ktag, CMD, Autotuner and Byteshooter. If you are a master user, you can upload the software in our Online Dealer Portal. This Fileservice is available every day except Sundays.

If you are looking for equipment to tune agricultural machines, we recommend the Dimsport New Genius and, depending on the type of machine, also the Dimsport New Trasdata Tool. Thanks to our many years of experience and more than 75 dealers, we dare to guarantee that this is the most stable tool on the market with good support.

We supply the entire Dimsport program and are official resellers. We also offer a course to start tuning yourself. No experience? We can turn you into a professional tuner!


As a dealer of you must have various equipment. You can easily order this equipment in our webshop! Take a look in our shop.

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My Genius 

From €225

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end user

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New Genius Slave - Tractor Protocol

From € 899,-

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slave user

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New Genius Master - Tractor Protocol

From €1599,-

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master user

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From € 39

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Slave / Master

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Trasdata Slave - All Protocol

From €599

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Trasdata Master - Tractor Protocol

From €999

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master user

traffic jam service

As a dealer of you have a file service that is available 6 days a week. During office hours it is possible to have your files tuned. 

order time

Are you in a hurry with a tuning file? As a dealer you can indicate a time frame. Our software engineers take this into account to provide your file with a tuning in time.


Would you like to show all capital gains to your customers. has a solution for that! With our API access you can display this on your own site. 

“Chip Performance has tuned all our John Deere tractors with us. In addition to the extra power that we have gained, it also saves fuel considerably. Let us tune the next tractor to you! ”

“Fendt 724 tuned and adblue removed by Chip Performance. Well arranged and no more malfunctions. As an afterthought also a nice saving with the fuel. Keep it up guys !! ”


Would you like to have all the benefits of a dealer? Do not hesitate and send us an email or contact us by phone!